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Futureliner Restoration Facility Tour

Oletrucks list members Carl Ham and Bill Moldenhauer made a trip to the Futurliner restoration facilities in
Holland Michigan a couple months ago. “We’re holding one the oletrucks t-shirts distributed to members this summer,
we had a great time, only wish more of our list members friends could have joined us”  We met with six gentlemen (most of them
retired) that led the charge for over 20 volunteers that meet every Tuesday through the winter and spring to work
on the restoration. They have been working since 1998 and hope to be done by next October in time to take it to Hershey, PA.

Please visit the Futurliner links below for more information on the Parade of Progress.

Uniforms worn by the drivers…

Looking up at the operators compartment, all the trim is hand formed, finished and polished stainless steel.

Drivers side corner, access door to the electrical and engine bay below the drivers compartment.

Drivers side “clam shell” doors starting to open. Operated by screw mechanism from the motor in the lower compartment.

Telescopic light bar with 48 fluorescent and 4 flood lights. When fully deployed is 10ft above the roofline illuminating the area.

Looking upwards at the light bar extending from the vehicle.

Right side almost open…

Drivers compartment located in the center of the vehicle is still under restoration..

Two speed–level and hilly is located to the left of the drivers seat. Top speed on level ground – 45mph with a 6 cyl 300 cubic inch motor.

Rear access doors, barely noticeable running lights on the bumper and on top of the trim work. The rubber bumper material surrounds the vehicle.

Door open wide.

Drivers side looking toward the front of the vehicle.

Passenger front entrance to drivers compartment. Early ones had glass enclosure but drivers complained of excess heat and they were all refitted with metal ones with only one vent above the drivers seat.

Passenger side looking forward.

One of the restores and drivers of the vehicle, looking at the drivers front with dual front wheels. Yep–2 per side.

Engine bay through drivers side access door drives a single shaft to a divide that drives a manual tranny and a separate gearbox to drive the generator while on display.

Inside shot of the display area from the rear.

The drive screw for the doors driven by the motor at right.

Door mechanism drive motor.

Generator mounted on drivers side of vehicle driven by aux gearbox on a main shaft in center of vehicle to power the vehicle while on display.

Another cab shot.

Drivers seat..

Left side storage compartments.