Body & Engine Colors

Body & Engine Colors

How can I find a set of paint chips for my truck?

We receive many questions on this subject. It would be impossible to put a set of paint chips on a Web page due to variations in colour; that is, the colours would not be exactly right.

Paint chip samples can sometimes be found at old vehicle swap meets. If anyone has any other information on this subject, please contact the Webmeister via e-mail.

What are the original engine/body colors for the old trucks?

This is incomplete, we realize that (see note below).

Engine Gray

Bob says:
I used some engine pieces for a computer colour match to PPG DAR32560.  This is good, but not matched to a primary standard. The engine pieces were ones that I painted years ago from eyeball mixing. I’ve also found  major colour variations in NOS parts.  I don’t think Chevy rejected batches of engine paint if it was off standard.

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