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1952 Chevy Trucks

Hugo Madden owns this 52…
To see what he started with, check out his  website…

Ray Turner has this 52 chevy.
Appears he well on his way toward the rebuilt….

Scott Muentnich getting ready to take his ’52 on a trip.


Allen Coblentz is the owner of this 52…

Allen Howell  from Hollanburg Ohio, owns this 52, it has a TF bed on it.. It has the stock 235-has gotten
the fuel system and 12v conversion completed. Brakes are next on his list..

MICHAEL KRATCHMER, from Woodstock Ga, calls this 52 his little parts chaser.

Got a nice V-8 with power steering and most modern conveniences. Wants to put a new front end under it-maybe a mustang II.


John Zeegers owns this 52 suburban, he has owned for 5 years it has a 400 small block , crane cam , 350 turbo automatic , camaro front clip , pontiac trans rear with discs , stainless steel exhaust.