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Tool Kit Contents in an Advance-Design Truck

What tools came with a 1949 Chevy truck, besides the jack? Where and how were they stored?

Tom Caperton: I'm taking this from the Chevy specs for my '47, but I believe it applies for all AD models. (I have a little feeling someone will correct me if I'm wrong!) The tools included with the 3100 were:

- jack...2,500 pound capacity, raised height = 15 1/2"...lowered height 6 1/2"
- tire changing iron....with RPO 273 (RPO = regular production option)
- wrenches....spark plug, wheel, open end (3)
- pliers...combination 6"
- screw driver....round shank...5 1/4"
- hammer....ball peen...10 ounce
- tool bag....cotton duck material (held all the tools).

All the tools were stored under the seat.

A special thanks to Tom Caperton for this article.

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