Chevrolet Restoration Pack  How to upgrade sealed beam headlights to HID 
How to decode an AD VIN number (3) How to get attention with a "train horn" for your classic truck
Advanced Design Model Numbers Gas Gauge Troubleshooting
Overdrive/MPG Wiring diagram for a 58 1/2 ton (off site)
How to store your truck for the winter Generator Info
Stuck Bolt Removal MECHANICAL:
Truck Values How to install a 63-87 IFS in an AD truck (3)
How to install hubcap clips Engine Identification
Replacement seats for you trucks interior (2) Brake Bleeding-there is a correct way
Automotive Calculations Loads of info of IFS and rear end swap (2)
On line Restoration Packages Installing an S-10 T-5 transmission in an older truck
BODY: Pacer IFS Installation in a Chevy Truck (5)
Adjusting the hood on the AD trucks Installing a GMC 302 motor in a 1950 Chevy pickup
Deluxe Cabs Swap your 216 for a 235    (off site)
Door Spring Installation (Advance-Design Models) Rebuilding an Inline "Stovebolt" Six
Tool Kit Contents in an Advance-Design Truck Lowering the front of your TF truck (2)
Gas Tank Cleaning 3 speed to 4 speed automatic conversion on a TF truck (2)
Insulating A Cab Powering Steering install on a TF truck (2)
Paint Colours for Body & Engine Steering Boxes and Proper Lubrication
Paint Stripping Methods Adjusting the steering box (8)
Seat Cover Replacement Torque Tube Drivelines
Task-Force Cab Step Replacement Rear end swap and what to use (8)
Seat Belts in Vintage Trucks Remove/Reinstall "Stovebolt" Cylinder Head
Building stake bed sides to your step side bed Huck style brake conversion to bendix style (4)
Windshield Wiper Replacement Inline Manifold Seating
Decoding the serial number on Canadian GMC TF trucks (1) Rear Main Seals for 216 Engine
U.S./ Canadian TF model cross-reference guide Tie Rod End Replacement
Dashboard Replacement in Task-Force Models Short/Long water pump-which one do I have???
Adjusting the door latch and striker plates (off site) (7) Crankshaft Durability
How to install a Fulton Sunvisor   (off site)  Disc brake upgrade for TF truck
How to build a cab dolly Engine Block Terminology
Bed wood finish testing by Mark K Specialites Stuck brake drum (it won't come off)
Bed Wood Dimensions for 1947-1951 and 1955-59 Models

Implanting a 82 monte carlo IFS on an AD truck (9)

A few of my favorite tech sites Info on the AD-S10 frame swap Under the bed spare tire carrier for AD trucks (10) How to install a sway bar on an AD truck (6)
Deve's Antique Chevy Trucks How to rebuilt you vent window (11)
Brake Switches - Mechanical or Hydraulic?

Many thanks to the authors listed below:
1-Bill Hanlon   2-Carl Ham    3-Steve Andereggen Jr.   4-Mike Klepp      5-Jack Halton     6-Leon Corley    
7- Alan Horvath     8- Jim Forbes       9-Max Springer   10-Dave Cragg & Sanjay Lobo   11-Jay Barrington


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