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Advance-Design Deluxe Cabs

How can I tell if my '47 2nd Series is a Deluxe cab? I know I've seen a list somewhere that describes the additional features of this type cab, but I can't seem to find it. Didn't the Deluxe cab have a pinstripe around the entire cab?  Were grills on the early Advance Design trucks painted or chrome?  Was chrome optional on the Deluxe cab?  If painted, was the pinstripe on the grill bars standard or only with the Deluxe cab? Is this information in any of the Chevy publications?

During Advance Design years deluxe equipment changed from year to year. According to 1947 Truck Data Book for Chevrolet Salesmen, option #390, De Luxe Cab and Equipment, consists of:

All the truck cabs thru at least 52 had a pinstripe. I don't have a definitive answer about the factory pinstripe for 53 cabs.

Chrome grill was available separately as option 388.

Painted grilles got the pinstripe in 47 only. Backsplash was body color for 47 only.

Most of this information is in the Restoration Pack.

A special thanks to Bob Adler for this article.

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