Task-Force Cab Step Replacement

Task-Force Cab Step Replacement

How do I replace the steps on my Task-Force cab?

I cut out the original steps, leaving about 1/2 there all the way around. This 1/2 inch I cleaned really well. Then I set the new step on top of this 1/2 lip I had left and welded it in. I did not however weld about a inch either on the step or on the vertical portion that goes to the floor. In other words the bottom corners. I didn’t because of the pain grinding in a corner like that can be.

On the underside I welded 1 inch beads then one 2 inches, then 1 inch, then 2, you get the idea. I did weld the corners totally that I had not on the top.

After the steps were back in, I spot welded the brace that runs from the floor to the vertical piece and then (on the underside) used body chalk on the seams. I’m not sure I have seen these on trucks.

Painted them (again on the underside) and bought myself a coke! 🙂

As for the door, mine was on the frame, but not bolted. And the door post did not flex at all.

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