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Recommended Links and References

This page is dedicated to identifying links that will be useful either as vendors, reference material, or technical "how to" articles. I am not going to list everyone, just those that I use regularly and am currently satisfied with. If in the future I change my mind, I will revise this list.

Reference Materials:   I strongly suggest you purchase a copy of the Shop Manual and Assembly Manual for your year classic. Many of the basic questions asked of novice Chevrolet enthusiasts are in the manuals. Most large classic Chevy parts suppliers carry the manuals.

If you are just getting started in this hobby, Hemmings Motor News is the first subscription you should have. It contains every conceivable parts listed for sale for any classic ever made. I would go as far as to say if the vendor is not listed in Hemmings then I would not do business with them. GET IT!

Classic Chevy 55-57 Links

Classic Chevy Club   CCCI is an international club dedicated to 1955-72 Chevrolets and trucks. Membership includes the monthly magazine (Classic Chevy World) and they hold several regional and an international convention every year. Check their web site to find the nearest associated club. CCI sells new and used parts, technical articles, raffle cars, chat sessions, etc. I have been a member since 1977.

Bow Tie   Very similar to CCI. This ia another good place to get started.

Mike Drago Chevy Parts   Mike has a nice inventory of parts. I have ordered items in the morning and received them the following day.

Task Force Trucks

Classic Trucks   Why reinvent the wheel? They have a very useful web site. Check out the very useful reference page for paint, model, engine, transmission, and axle codes for 1946-1972 trucks.

55-59 Truck Photos   Photos and more photos of task force trucks. You can get a lot of inspiration.

Mar-K   Restoration and custom pickup parts.

Chevy Duty   Restoration pickup parts.

Panel Trucks   Several nice photos of Panels and Suburbans.

Other Links I use regularly

Heart of Maryland Classic Chevy Club   HMCCC is my local club. We are affiliated with CCI and Bow Tie and are based out of the Frederick, Maryland area. Check out our website, we are a very active club that likes to just drive our classics and have fun.

Patrick's   Patrick is the expert when it comes to 6 cylinder engines from 1937-1963. Everything to rebuild or hop up a 6 cylinder engine.

Trader on Line   Nice site to find classic cars for sale.

Jet-Hot   High temperature ceramic coatings.

Classic Motorbooks   Wide variety of books.

California Car Cover   Great custom car covers designed specifically for your classic.

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