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My name is Marvin Thomas and I am a member of two international clubs: Classic Chevy Club since 1977 and Bow Tie since 1995. Both are located in Orlando, Florida. I am a charter member of Heart of Maryland Classic Chevy Club and held an officer position for the last six years including President (2000-2002).

I am not a professional mechanic and do not have any automotive qualifications. I consider myself a chevy enthusiast who just enjoys tinkering in the garage as long as I have no set date of completion. I work on my projects after fulfilling family obligations, wifes to-do lists and if I am motivated to be in the garage. I have learned the hard way for the last 25 years. My garage has no heat, no air tools, no sandblaster, and no power washers. I can do just about any restoration process except body panel welding, upholstery and painting. I just haven't got around to learning how. I consider all of my classics as drivers. I do not believe in making a car in to an piece of art. They were made to be enjoyed on the road.

I grew up in Wheaton, Maryland and now live in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I make my living as a computer programmer/analyst. Most of my experience is on a IBM system AS/400 but I am now expanding out into PC software. This web page is the result of taking a HTML web page development class at my local community college. My goal is to receive a certificate in web page design in the fall of 2003.

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