Insulating A Cab

Insulating A Cab

How would I go about insulating my cab?

First I had to clean the cab, so the first thing I did was take out the seat, and what an accumulation of half a century’s worth of sunflower seeds, cigarette packs and who knows what. I took a bucket of soapy water and some scrub pads and went to work. What a mess! And down in the back corners of the cab, I found all kinds of stuff, including the original chrome brake release knob.

Next I ripped out the headliner, all the floorboard covering, padding etc, and wire brushed the roof, floor and firewall. Once it was all clean, I rustproofed everywhere, especially down in the corners, where they traditionally rust out, using the brush-on stuff that you find at the hardware store. After the entire floorboard and firewall was satisfactory, I got a couple of spray cans of Dupli-Color truck bed liner. Great stuff! Makes a nice looking rock hard finish, and will resist rust. Put a good layer on the floor and firewall. Next I got some of the bubble-pack foil insulation (actually plastic), and a spray can of adhesive, and placed a layer with the shiny side up, over the entire floor, firewall and roof.

Looks great, even though it is covered up. And it has really helped cut down on the noise from the engine and transmission. Finally I got the rubber mat and pad from Chevy Duty, and put that on the floor, and am currently awaiting my back-ordered firewall cover. Looks great, and has the feel and smell of a new interior.

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