Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is my truck worth?

A good source can be found online; it's at Classic Truck Shop Value Guide.
An excellent source of current values for vintage Chevy and GMC pickups is the Old Cars Price Guide, 

published monthly and available on newsstands everywhere.

Where can I find the VIN for my truck?
The VIN may be found on Chevy trucks as follows:
1941-46 models: Stamped on a metal plate located on the passenger's side of the engine compartment on the cowl,

 under the hood.
1947-59 models: Stamped on a metal plate attached to the top front of the driver's side door frame.
In addition (on 1955 Second Series through 1959 models), the VIN is stamped on top of the left (driver's side) frame rail, near the steering gear. However, it is my understanding that this stamped number only contains the sequential serial number (last six digits of the VIN), not the first five characters of the VIN (e.g. 3A58B for a 1958 model

I need help with (how to do something) to my truck.
We invite you to visit our comprehensive technical section for some helpful tips. 

Also, please consider signing up for one of the mailing lists available for owners of Chevy and GMC trucks.

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