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1983 - 1984 Chevrolet / Chevy V6, 2.8 L, 173 CID Rebuilt Engine

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 Part Name  V6, 2.8 L, 173 CID Rebuilt Engine 
 Automobile  ┬áChevrolet / Chevy  
 Stock No.  CTEGMC173LB4 
 Description  FWD, block #832, 833, 4 bolt motor mount right side of block, with carb. Rear main cap grooved for oil pan(13/32" wide). 
 Size  2.8 L, 173 CID 
 Engine Type  V6 
 Fuel Type  Gasoline 
 Fuel Delivery  Carburetor 
 VIN Code  X 
 Aspiration  Non Turbo 
 Head Casting  14033292 14054879 14057877 14084882 
 Block Casting  14054832 14054833 
 Crank Casting  264, 504 
 Core Deposit  $99.00 
 OEM Price  $1,327.95 
 Discount/Sale Price  $1,106.00 

1983 - 1984 Chevrolet / Chevy Citation
1983 - 1984 Chevrolet / Chevy Celebrity


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